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Testimonials / Reviews




Below is a few recent comments of some previous highly satisfied customers:



"MJ is an exceptional driving instructor!


Having had a bad experience with a previous instructor MJ's down to earth approach and great techniques not only simplified driving and learning to drive he has made driving really enjoyable.


I am elated to say, due to MJ's great training techniques, I have now passed my driving test at the First Attempt with only 2 minor faults.


I highly recommend MJ Driving School"


Laura Moore, Leeds



"Just Passed My Driving Test First Time!


After having horrendous experiences (not to mention very costly) with other driving instructors I was at breaking point and definitely ready to give up. I had absolutely no confidence driving and even less confidence in the instructors.


I decided to give it one last go, and luckily for me I found MJ Driver Training - he is a totally amazing driving instructor!


After just a few hours with MJ I soon found myself actually looking forward to my next lesson; we always had a laugh and as the lessons became a more enjoyable experience with Michaels' help my confidnece grew.


MJ's techniques made the learning and driving so simple, and I finally 'got it', after all the nerves and anxiety I passed First Time!


I cannot recommend MJ Driver Training highly enough!


Gemma Morton, Harehills, Leeds



"From the very first day I got in the car with my instructor I felt safe and sure that my instructor was going to teach me well - he did, I love driving, enjoy driving, feel confident and now passed my driving test first time!"


Ethan Sikorski, Headingley, Leeds



"Before learning to drive with MJ, I had failed my driving test a few times and so my confidence was very low.


After only a few hours of training my confidence grew and I actually felt that i could actually drive!


I loved the training techniques and they really do make driving very simple


We always had a laugh and as the lessons and driving became more enjoyable my confidence simply grew and grew. My instructor really is the best!


I am so happy to have easily passed the driving test now - it's all about speed, space and looking!


Thank you so much!


Bernadine Rodrigues, Meanwood, Leeds 




"Bloody Amazing!


MJ's techniques made learning to drive easy - made it so simple - absolutely amazing!


A truly great instructor and good laughs too! Am so happy to have passed First Time!




Kelsey Parker, Kirkstall, Leeds



"Having just easily passed my driving test I am happy to say if YOU want THE BEST driving school out there, then go for MJ Driver Training - they honestly are amazing!"

Charlotte Catley, Alwoodley, Leeds



"MJ is an amazing driving School!!  I would highly recommend them!


Before I started driving lessons with MJ I was not a confident driver at all. MJ massively built my skills and confidence and I became a much better driver within the space of 4 weeks when I then took my driving test and passed first time - thanks to MJ's great teaching skills.


MJ made driving easy, fun and less stressful"


Annam, Alwoodley, Leeds



"Just passed my driving test on the first attempt with MJ Driving School!! Woo-hoo!!


Having tried and failed 5 times previously with different driving schools and instructors I had lost all faith in my abilty and my confidence was down - never thought I would pass. However, with my instructors patience and excellent teaching and training skills he taught me how to actually drive properly and how to believe in myself and now I've Nailed It.


Thank you so much MJ Driver Training - who I would recommend to anyone!"


Kirsty McCash, Beeston, Leeds



"Thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with MJ Driver Training - my instructor made learning to drive easier than any previous instructor and totally filled me with confidence from the very first lesson through to passing my driving test - I would highly recommend to anyone - a superb instructor!!


Dean Martin, Chapel Allerton, Leeds




"I've just had 3 weeks of intensive driving lessons with MJ Driver Training - I have learnt how to drive properly and with confidence plus how to be relaxed and really enjoy driving!


I am now so happy to have passed my driving test first time!!


I can say, with total confidence, that MJ is the best driving school around and I would and will happily recommend them to anyone!


Aine Ruddy, Alwoodley, Leeds



"Thank you so much for teaching me and being patient with me especially when my mind wandered! Had lot's of laughs as well as a great learning process!


My advice to anyone is learn with MJ Driving School - they really teach you to enjoy driving and how to use your eyes! A great tip to help with nerves is to work out what to do next!


I got there and love driving!


Jo Alcock, Chapel Allerton, Leeds



"Before finding MJ Driver Training I had several driving test attempts with several other driving instructors - non seemed to be able to get me confident or have the skills needed to pass the test, never mind be a good driver!


Following a course of lessons with MJ I easily passed the driving test with only 3 minor faults - and I didn't even feel nervous on test - it seemed so easy!


The techniques my instructor uses to train you are totally different and amazing compared to those of any other instructor and within a short period of time I totally 'got it' and found driving easy plus I felt really confident - hence passing my driving test easily!


I now feel very confident in driving and I know I have been trained properly - I simply couldn't have wished for a better driving instructor - wish I had met him years ago!!


I am forever grateful!!"


Meena Sanbhi, Moortown, Leeds



"I got recommended to use MJ Driver Training for driving lessons by a friend and now I have learnt with them and easily Passed the driving test First Time I would most definitely recommend anyone to learn with them!


MJ is a really great school!"


Tom Dickinson, Bramhope, Leeds



"Thanks for helping me pass my driving test first time MJ Driver Training. Your great teaching methods made it really easy to learn, and fun too, plus you filled me with confidence right from the start! Thank you"


Lucy Campbell, Headingley, Leeds



"I would most definitely highly recommend MJ as a great driving School! My instructor really trained me properly how to drive, not just pass the driving test; which made passing the test really easy and I am now a very confident driver. A really great driving instructor!"


Chris Poole, Headingley, Leeds



"I would and will always highly recommend MJ Driver Training to anyone as a really good driving instructor! He makes learning to drive easy and works very hard to increase your confidence and abilty and to get you ready for a test as quickly as possible! A top, spot on driving instructor! Thanks!


Hannah Amos, Meanwood, Leeds



"MJ is a very helpful and professional driving school that uses great coaching methods to get to the best out of his students, he made learning to drive easy for me!


Very highly recommended!"


Satvinder Flora, Leeds



"Great Service - Expert Driving Tuition!


Thank you very much Michael for the prompt and efficient service in providing an intensive driving course for me. I needed an intensive course to acquire my driving licence as soon as possible due to work committments - I had tried another driving school before MJ Driving School however they could not organise quick enough and effective enough. Michael was great - he made me believe in myself and quickly improved my driving skills and he continued through the whole course with an excellent positive attitude.


Thank you again Michael for helping me pass my driving test on first attempt and I will make sure I let everyone know what great driving tuition and service I received from MJ Driver Training"


Ibi Bartus, Moortown, Leeds



"I thought I was a lost with learning to drive until Michael of MJ Driving School trained me properly and rewired my approach which instilled a new lease of confidence in my ability to drive safely and surely plus easily pass my driving test. The whole process was also really enjoyable! A huge thank you!


Jess Ashcroft, Chapel Allerton, Leeds



"Thank you very much for being such a great driving instructor. You made learning to drive very simple for me and massively helped me to develop the skills and confidence I needed to become a good driver and pass my driving test first time!

Thank you very much"


Karen Young, Moortown, Leeds



"Michael is an excellent teacher - really nice and relaxing to drive with, which makes the whole process of learning to drive much less stressful"


Joy Inns, Meanwood, Leeds



"Michael is a really great driving instructor! He made me feel very comfortable and confident driving a car in any situation and i'm so pleased he got me to pass my driving test first time - it feels so nice to pass, and on first attempt!


I would highly recommend Michael anyday!"


Sophie Lister, Roundhay, Leeds



"MJ driver training is a really great driving school and throughout my learning my instructor showed huge confidence in me from the start. I genuinely don't think I would have passed my driving test first time with any other instructor; thank you very much"


Natalie Wall, Harehills, Leeds



"The best driving instructor any type of learner could ask for!


After failing my test once and not driving again for over a year, MJ helped me not only regain my confidence and believe in myself, but also to become a naturally good driver and pass my test straight away!


I very highly recommend MJ Driver Training"


Chloe Brotherton, Headingley, Leeds



"If you want to learn to drive properly and become a really good driver you should learn to drive with MJ Driver Training - they really are the best, help you loads, and great fun too!


Thanks for your help"


Kieran Smythe, Alwoodley, Leeds



"Having been learning to drive for over a year with two previous instructors (who really didn't seem to know how to train me to drive) finding Michael was a godsend - he trained me to become a good and confident driver and, at last pass my driving test! I would recommend Michael to anyone who wants to learn to drive properly and pass the driving test. Thank you!!


Felicity Rudd, Shadwell, Leeds



"MJ put up with and my total lack of concentration and somehow he still managed to impart the right knowledge to get me to pass my driving test.


Altogether a great driving school with a really good sense of humour; the driving lessons were very enjoyable and constructive"


Laura Jones, Meanwood, Leeds



"MJ Driver Training has simply been brilliant, right from the start to passing my driving test first time!


Following an assessment lesson they knew exactly what to do and how to improve my driving and totally succeeded in changing my driving style and thinking process. MJ changed me from being a nervous learner driver with no confidence to a really good, confident and safe driver.


MJ has always worked hard to improve my driving and confidence, and been prompt, highly encouraging, and kept me really focussed until I felt really confident in my own ability - all in just a few weeks!


I thoroughly enjoyed all the lessons and the learning process and especially the end result of passing my test first time - I would highly recommend MJ Driver Training to anyone"


Ben Robertson, Alwoodley, Leeds



"I'm so happy to have passed my driving test First Time - Thanks to MJ - The Best Driving School, Ever!  


I would most definitely highly recommend MJ Driver Training"


Philippa Priestley, Meanwood, Leeds



"If you want to be a safe, confident and excellent driver, Michael is most definitely your man! The swift progress I have made from the benefits of the techniques learned has been exciting and wonderful to experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael to anyone who wants to be a great driver"


Andy Roberts, Headingley, Leeds



"Thank you for teaching me to drive properly and making it easy - having failed 2 tests before taking lessons with you I found it all very difficult, however you made it easy for me to understand and easy to drive properly and safely; and thanks to you I have now passed my test easily.


Thank you for your help MJ Driver Training"


Nawal Said, Meanwood, Leeds



Having not driven for over 10 years, and feeling nervous about driving again, I needed a course of refresher lessons and someone mentioned Michael’s name.


Over a couple of months he has transformed my driving. I have gone from being a nervous driver to a relaxed driver, I feel confident and safe in all situations and driving is now a real pleasure.


I cannot recommend Michael highly enough - give him a ring and you will never look back!


Adele Barraclough, Cookridge, Leeds




"A lot better driving instructor than my previous instructor! Michael is kind and he makes it very easy to learn to drive correctly with!


Thanks for helping me pass my driving test first time, it meant so much to me! I would, and already have, recommended Michael as a really great driving instructor. Thanks again!"


Wesley Allen, Moortown, Leeds



"Michael succeeded in turning me from a nervous learner driver into a calm, confident driver in less than 2 months! Passing my practical driving test 1st time with just 2 minor faults is fantastic!


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to any learner driver.... Thank you very much"


Faith, Leeds



"The best driving instructor ever! I would definitely highly recommend!"


Fern Jackson, Leeds



My driving instructor, Michael, was very supportive while I have been learning to drive and he ensured that I was fully prepared, ready and safe to deal with everything on the road. I am so happy to have passed my driving test first time! I would highly recommend Michael as a really good driving instructor, thank you


Georgia Craven, Scarcroft, Leeds



I had some previous driving lessons over 3 years ago, and I was a very nervous driver, especially when approaching roundabouts and other junctions. Michael is a great instructor, he knew exactly what I was doing wrong and made me into a confident driver. In my last few lessons I felt at ease coming up to roundabouts, junctions and doing manoeuvres and I really enjoyed the lessons!



Alice Gilroy, Hyde Park, Leeds



After having 4 previous driving instructors, and almost about to give up with driving, I came across Michael's website and booked a first lesson - I never looked back. He is very friendly and patient and helped me pass my test within my 2 month goal I had set myself.


I would most definitely recommend Michael to anyone who wants a really good, highly qualified driving instructor who knows what they are doing!!


Michael taught and explained to me exactly how to drive a car correctly; he made it really easy and simple to understand, which allowed my confidence to build far more than ever before, and subsequently I am so happy that I have now passed my driving test on my first attempt!!

Thank you!


Rayniece Holding, Harehills, Leeds



I passed my driving test 15 months ago, but didn't drive at all since. I booked a few hours with Michael and I am so pleased I did - I feel really in control and comfortable now driving my own car! The few hours were well worth the extra time and money! I would recommend Michael for driving lessons to anybody and also recommend anyone who has a break in driving to do a few refresher hours!


Ben Scales



I would highly recommend Michael to teach and train you. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with him. He has a really nice teaching technique and his knowledge of the job is second to none. In addition to giving first class tuition he gave me all the tools I needed to pass!


Jacqui Clark



My training was a great experience and I have now successfully completed my training and passed my test with Mick. Mick has years of experience in the driver training and driving instructor industry and he has gained a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of driver training along with pupils individual learning techniques, which was a huge benefit for me.


Michael Styrin



You are the best Michael.....Brilliant!!


D Sunter



To book or enquire about driving lessons with us please call or text 07496 184 021 or call 0800 612 89 23. email mstanhope@aol.com