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Specialist driver training from highly experienced and very qualified driving instructor.


Top quality driver training along with mind training techniques can massively help you overcome nerves, phobias, anxieties and panic attacks. My combined driver training expertise along with NLP techniques gained from being a Certified NLP Practitioner I can help you overcome them and become a successful, confident, safe and intuitive driver.


If you are suffering or have any issues with phobias or nerves related to driving I will be happy to help you. I can provide help for any of the following:


Driving Phobias. Fear of Driving. Driving Anxiety. Driving Test Nerves.


Panic Attacks while Driving. Lost or Lack of Confidence with Driving.


Problems or Lack of Confidence following a Motoring Accident.


Nervous about Learning to Drive


MJ Driving School Leeds


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I am a fully Licensed Practitioner of NLP. Certified by “Evolve NLP” which is endorsed by “The International Institute for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Hypnosis”.


Areas Covered


I can provide help for driving phobias, fear of driving and related anxieties in Leeds, Some times I can arrange to travel a little to your location if you're not in Leeds - the alternative is to come to Leeds for the training and help. If your not happy about driving to Leeds then I often arrange to meet people at Leeds train station


See further below for pricing structure



Help is Here


My training and assistance for phobias and fears of driving


From my experience I find that a combination of training and techniques provides the most desirable outcome.


By this, I mean, not just to rely on some sort of treatment for a fear or phobia in a room or surgery for your driving, which could in itself provide some improvement for you, but instead to be assessed properly to establish causes, resulting states and desired outcomes and then to plan a real course of phobia treatment while in the environment that you would like to feel better in - the car!!


Combining my coaching skills, excellence in driver training techniques, along with NLP techniques (which are proved to gain high success at phobia cures) and the use of hypnotic language (if required) produces are far higher success.


Once we establish the causes and states that require change or improvement we can build the mind training techniques in the car, while driving, until you (your subconscious) feels safe and confident. I have found the mix of in car, driver training along with the NLP to have huge success for many people with fears, anxieties and phobias related to driving.


Many instances, some of the driver training techniques have increased confidence alone, and then when NLP and hypnosis is added the result is amazing - often in only a few hours!


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Fears and Phobias


Fears, phobias, panic attacks and anxiety are fairly common and experts believe that approximately 1 in 10 people in thr UK suffer at some point in their life.


Phobias and fears related to driving in some way is one of the most common.


Whether it is a fear of the driving test, a fear of learning to drive or driving fears and phobias such as motorway driving, dealing with bridges, overtaking, to a total fear of driving, or if you are suffering confidence driving following a motoring accident there is help available for you.



As well as being one of the most experienced and highly qualified driving instructors in the UK who regularly uses coaching and NLP techniques in every day driver training with fantastic results, I am also a fully qualified and certified NLP Practitioner and have developed some highly successful techniques to assist drivers with any phobia or fear, panic attack or nerves.



Phobias are wonderful things as they perfectly illustrate your capacity to learn. Most phobias are created in an instant, yet last a lifetime. We never forget to have an emotional response when exposed to the subject of our phobia and it takes no conscious effort to retain such a powerful connection. This is learning at its very best, and illustrates how immensely powerful your subconscious mind is.


When we develop a phobia we are creating an association between a stimulus, the object of the phobia, and a response, usually fear. Using NLP techniques, it is possible to break that association very easily, thus eliminating the phobia. It is not necessary to know how, why or when the association was made in the first place and the process used to break the association is fast and easy.





Phobias are fears. Fear is a normal part of life, and there are many things in life which can be dangerous or painful - such as wasps, muggers, car crashes and having operations. Anyone might be afraid of such things - or at least anxious about them. This is normal. Sensible people take precautions to avoid being hurt or injured by things that are genuinely dangerous.


In this sense, anxiety is very useful. It warns you when danger is threatening. Severe anxiety - fear - can also be useful. When we find ourselves in a situation of real danger - like being faced by a robber in a dark alley - the fear reaction is just what we need.


It releases adrenaline and other chemicals into our blood, and these speed up our heartbeat, sharpen our senses and heighten our physical powers. These changes prepare us for what is called ‘flight or fight’ - either to fight for our lives, or to run for them.


A phobia is a disorder in which the body reacts in exactly the same way, and we experience exactly the same feelings of anxiety and fear - but in situations where there is absolutely no need for ‘flight or fight’. It is as if our body and mind have lost all sense of proportion, and internally scream ‘danger!’ at the least little thing - like crossing a footbridge, encountering a cat, or driving across town. But no matter how harmless the feared thing may be, for a phobic person the fear reaction is every bit as real as if the cause was really life threatening. People with phobias usually realise all too well that their reaction is irrational, but this makes no difference to its effect.


The level of the symptoms that people with phobias experience varies a great deal, from mild anxiety to very severe panic and terror. While some people simply feel a bit nervous when they have to drive, others can barely cope with the anxiety.


But there are also people who have full-scale panic attacks at the wheel, and soon give up driving altogether because of the terror that grips them when they try to do so.


In fact these frightening feelings are exactly the same thing that ‘normal’ people feel in situations that really are dangerous. Soldiers in a battle feel exactly that way. The only thing different about a phobia, is that there is no logical reason for the fear.


But phobias aren’t just severe anxiety: the anxiety is turned into a phobia by avoidance.


In the early stages of a driving phobia, the person affected sometimes tries to overcome their fears head on, by brief ventures into the feared situation, usually retreating instantly when anxiety arises. This avoidance brings a reduction of the tension, and rapidly becomes a habit, so that the next attempt becomes more difficult, and so on until the attempts to face the problem stop altogether. Avoiding the situations that make us feel frightened makes us more sensitive to those situations, and ‘conditions’ us to fear them even more.


Avoidance is like retreating from an enemy. We may feel safer to begin with, but we’re letting the enemy get us on the run. And we have to retreat further and further, until we find that a huge slice of our world has been grabbed away from us.


This is why phobias can be such a big problem. Because we tend to avoid the things we fear, the fear can worsen very rapidly. To recover, we need to put that process into reverse.


The fear reaction is virtually automatic, and very difficult to control. In the early period of human development, it was a useful survival trait: as a soft bodied species surrounded by predators, we needed an instant response that would get us out of trouble, something that would not allow our inquisitive brains to let us linger looking for the cause. However, humans learn quickly and we can train ourselves to respond positively to threats, and not to react with terror to things which prove, with experience, to be harmless. Lion tamers, tight-rope walkers, scaffolders and firemen have all learnt to handle potentially dangerous situations safely. If this were not true, we would still be cowering in the backs of caves!





Like other phobias, driving phobia can produce the unpleasant physical symptoms of ‘normal’ fear:


• heart palpitations

• feeling sick

• chest pains

• difficulty breathing

• dizziness

• ‘jelly legs’

• feeling ‘unreal’

• intense sweating

• feeling faint

• dry throat

• restricted or ‘fuzzy’ vision or hearing.


In severe cases, people may feel certain that they are about to die, go mad, or lose control of themselves and injure someone, or do something disgusting and humiliating. Most of all they feel an overpowering urge to ‘escape’ from the situation they are in. They also develop an acute fear of repeating these very unpleasant experiences, and this is what really gives the phobia its power.


Of course, these are feelings, not reality. The plain truth is that even the worst panic attacks do not cause any long-term ill-effects, and people simply do not die, go mad, or cause mayhem as a result.



How I can help you


I am a highly experienced, highly qualified driver trainer and will use a combination of driver training and coaching techniques along with NLP and/or hypnosis techniques to assist you.


I have been a fully qualified driving instructor for over 25 years. I am one of the very rare, top DSA Grade 6 driving instructors (which is the highest standard of driver training in the UK).


I am also a Certified NLP Practitioner. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques along with my expert driver training techniques will allow your brain to be retrained to overcome your disposition. In addition I am trained in hypnotherapy and mind training techniques



My Specially Designed Course - That Works!


From successfully helping loads of people with these issues and worked varying patterns of sessions and training over several years I have found around 4 or 5 sessions provides the desired results. Even I am amazed with the results!


Each session is a minimum of 3 hours -I often run a little over time to ensure the right work is done) 


The first session aims to dig and work out the causes and start to rebuild / rewire the brain in order to allow the new training and techniques to properly build on subsequent sessions until you become a totally new driver


The first session alone can often begin the process of improvement and benefits may be witnessed at this early stage!


Most people have said that they really start to feel and know the training is working by the end of the second session and they are starting to gain confidence


The vast majority of people have reached a huge turning point by the 3rd session and by the 4th or 5th they are usually totally transformed, confident and even enjoy driving


Some people have opted for some additional sessions to cover specific needs or simply to build on their new skills and confidence or work on areas


From experience and experimenting with previous clients I have found the sessions work the absolute best in 3 hour sessions


Don't pay £150 - £200 per hour for just clinical assistance when you can pay far less for my treatment in the envirionment that you want the help - in a car!!






Learner Driver - Individual Three (3) Hour Session:-  £95


A full 4 sessions course would total £380 if pay per individual session


*Save £20 - purchase Four (x 3 hour) Course Package in One Block Payment for Only £360*




Full Licence Holder - Individual Three (3) Hour Session:-  £120


A full 4 sessions course would would total £480 if pay per individual session


*Save £30 - purchase Four (x3 hour) Course Package in One Block Payment for

Only £450




3 hourly sessions may sound a long time however when we are combining my work on your thought processes, driver training, NLP techniques, hypnotherapy, mind therapy and coaching methods the 3 hour goes quickly and everyone has been amazed how the time was used, how quick it felt and the methods and outcomes - even I have been amazed with the results I have seen


NOTE: I have recently been filmed by ITV for a forthcoming TV programme assisting a driver with serious OCD issues - so my already high demand will only increase - so I must warn you I am very booked up and you need to plan ahead


Due to the intesnity of the work and that the sessions are very demanding and extremely exhausting from my own perspective I can only do one session per day and a maximum of 4 in one week



Don't pay £150 - £200 per hour for just 'clinical' assistance when you can pay far less for my treatment in the envirionment that you want the help - in a car!!


What is NLP?


NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - an understanding of the brain and how it works - NLP is a safe, simple, practical and extremely effective way of enabling the human brain or mind to change quickly so that they begin to generate new patterns of behaviour - which subsequently overcomes the phobia or fear




Recent Successful Transformation from a Total Fear of Driving to a Confident and Safe Driver:


"If you want to be a safe, confident and excellent driver, Michael is most definitely your man!


The swift progress I have made from the benefits of the techniques learned has been exciting and wonderful to experience.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael to anyone who wants to be a great driver"


Andy Roberts



"This is a truly transformational training course!


Having passed the driving test after several attempts many years ago, by the end of that process my confidence in driving was almost zero and I totally hated driving.


After a few brief attempts to drive I realised this was not improving and I needed to overcome the fear of driving I had built up over many years and thankfully I found Michael at MJ Driving School.


The Positive Mind Training and driver training that simplifies driving Michael delivers in such a light hearted, friendly and professional manner have absolutely transformed my attitude, skill level and approach to driving.


The training course is unbelievably brilliant and you will really surprise yourself at just how well you too can actually drive


Thank you so very much - the sessions have been excellent and my fear has now become a pleasure!"


Hayley Bedford, Leeds




After passing my driving test I drove for a couple of years but then got increasingly anxious, which culminated in me only driving 3 times in the past 4 years. I stopped altogether because I was so scared & anxious that I didn't want to put myself & others in danger.


I never thought it would be possible for me to get better but it got to a point where I needed to improve because it was taking over my life - I was constantly thinking about it & I felt so disappointed in myself.


I am amazed at how much I have changed with 4 sessions. I was very skeptical & could not believe that it would work on me, but it did! I am now confident, happy & actually enjoy driving! I also feel like I'm a better driver because Michael improved my driving technique as well as getting rid of my anxiety & all the over-thinking I did (about driving & in other aspects of my life too).


I would recommend these sessions to anybody as they really work, make you feel completely at ease & are very enjoyable. Thank you so much for all your help!


Nicola T, Leeds



"Michael is simply by far the best driving instructor that I have had the good fortune to come across. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone with driving anxieties or phobias - he really will make a difference


I was initially taught to drive badly, with two different instructors, numerous lessons and four attempts to pass the driving test, and found driving so stressful that I then didn't drive for 10 years. When I moved to Leeds, I had a few 'refresher' lessons with a national driving school, which were technically a little helpful but they didn't address my underlying anxiety with driving. I still made every possible excuse not to drive, and turned down invitations if driving was involved. i was getting increasingly embarrassed, and frsutrated with myself and finally plucked up the courage to really do something about it


I was intrigued by Michael's use of NLP.  .He sussed out quickly what my issues with driving were, and I quickly trusted him to help me put them right. Over our sessions we worked on tweaking and improving my driving technique but, equally importantly, worked on my over-thinking, over worrying brain to reduce the negative associations that I had built up around driving. 


Michael was patient and very encouraging, and the sessions were surprisingly great fun too! Within a couple of months, my driving improved so much, and I have driven loads more recently, plus to places that I would never have dreamt of driving to than I have in years. I am also feeling confident and proud now rather than frustrated"


Alison Moore, Leeds



"Having not driven for over 10 years, and feeling nervous about driving again, I needed some help and a course of refresher lessons and someone mentioned Michael’s name.


Over a couple of months he has totally transformed my driving.


I have gone from being a nervous driver to a relaxed driver, I feel confident and safe in all situations and driving is now a real pleasure.


I cannot recommend Michael highly enough - give him a ring and you will never look back!"


Adele Barraclough 



After 13 years of not driving a car I decided to take some driving lessons before going back on the road. I was looking for a driving instructor who can help me overcome the anxiety and lack of confidence in driving.


Then I came across Michael and what he has to offer (through his website) sounded very promising.


I must say I did not regret my decision on the choice of driving instructor. Michael is TOP. He has catered for my individual needs to become a good driver again by giving me brilliant advice and enough time to practise.


His teaching and learning methods are ones that will make every person become an excellent driver in a short period of time.


I have had so much fun on my journeys and can highly recommend Michael as the BEST driving instructor!!! Thank you, Michael :-)


Marcella Mueller, Leeds



 "Before my training sessions with Michael, I was getting ready to sell my car because I was too anxious to drive it and had also turned down a great job offer due to needing to drive.

In no time at all, Michael's training sessions transformed my approach to driving in a way I didn't think was at all possible!

Now, thanks to Michael's expertise I am 100% confident in my driving and have been offered another job that involves and requires driving - and I'm ready and happy!

A truly unique approach and a fantastic trainer and mentor whom I highly recommend to anyone! Thank you very much


Jen Humpheson



Before Michael started working on me "I hadn't really been driving for well over a year, never really enjoying driving and often made excuses to avoid driving before I completely stopped driving altogether

The not driving affected my career and made me choose alternative roles and jobs involving no driving. My whole life was being held back by not driving and being mobile

I will be honest - I was a little sceptical of how Michael could cure my fear and overall dislike for driving. However, within no time at all he changed my way of thinking about driving, has removed the fear of driving and actually made me happy about any journey and the prospect of driving

Not only that but at the same time he has addressed other confidence issues in my life, low self esteem and self doubt leaving me full of energy, confidence and finding my love for life again.

Now...I like driving - and I never thought i would say that!

Thank you so much Michael


Jennifer Whitfield


Link: More Testimonials on Main Driving Anxieties and Fears Page of MJ Driving School 



Are you nervous about learning to drive or have a fear or nervous about the driving test?


For more information or assistance contact me on 07720 396 100 (text initially is usually best as I amy be busy on a session - I will call back when free) or email


All communication and work is completely confidential



Michael J Stanhope BA(Hons)

DSA ADI Grade 6

NLP Practitioner

Diploma in Driving Instruction

DIA Diamond Advanced Driver

Institute of Advanced Motorist



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