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Course £45

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Only £15 / Hr 

 Driving Lessons from Expert, Experienced Top Quality Driving Instructors


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Excellent Opportunity for a Driving Instructor to Join a High Quality Driving School in Leeds 

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Learn to Drive in Leeds


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Driving Lessons Leeds - Prices




Excellence in Driver Training


We will provide the Best Driving Tuition on Every Driving Lesson!


Beginners Driving Course 3 full hours £45


Assessment Driving Lesson 2 full hours £30


Regular Weekly Driving Lesson Prices


Manual Car 


1 Hour Lesson = £25


1.5 Hours = £37.50


2 Hours = £48.00


Blocks Of 10 Hours = £230 Payable in Advance


Automatic Car


1 Hour Lesson = £26


2 Hour Lesson = £50


Blocks Of 10 Hours  = £240 Payable In Advance


Student / NHS Discount Manual Car


1 Hour Lesson £24


1.5 Hour Lesson £36


2 Hour Lesson £46


Blocks Of 10 Hours = £220 Payable In Advance


Male and Female Driving Instructors




Driving Lessons Leeds and Intensive Driving Courses Leeds


Wakefield and Bradford



With over 25 years of experience, top level qualifications and exceptional high pass rates you can feel confident that you are booking your driving lessons with the very best driving instructors in the Leeds area.


Our proven, top quality, driving instruction, driver training and coaching techniques will allow you to learn to drive easier and often very much quicker, plus retain and remember everything easier too!


You will become a naturally instinctive and intuitive driver which will result in you feeling very confident at driving in any situation, become a safe driver for life and easily pass your driving test.



Driving Phobias and Anxieties

See Phobias and Nerves for Full Details



For booking lessons or courses, or for more information please call on 


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If you prefer send a text to 07496 184 021 and we will call you back